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Accessories and Blinds



Mosquito Protection Units

The mosquito protection unit is a detail often ignored in the case of window design but it is this very unit which provides comfort during the summer months. Three design alternatives are possible - static units, hinge units and roller mosquito protection units. The mosquito protection units are made of aluminum profiles and special non-burning net. The available colors are white and brown.




  • Internal blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds with lamellas (plates) 16 mm and 25 mm wide. Horizontal blinds made of fabric and control units provided according to the needs of customers. Great color variety. Lamellas 89 mm and 127 mm wide.

  • External blinds - ROLLER AND HORIZONTAL

This roller blinds system can provide excellent heat insulation. The system is provided in two types of boxes with different dimensions - 165 mm and 200 mm. The system can be installed on all existing windows and doors. Elit, Ege and Mini the different types of lamellas used for the production of blinds. These are offered in 4 colors and the box is offered in 14 colors. The system allows great selection of motion methods (by using belt, chain, handle or engine). There is option for installation of remote control unit.


Window Boards Internal window boards 

  • High quality material with melamine coating;
  • Easy to install;
  • Inflammable material; trouble-free maintenance;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Great variety of colors;
  • 100% recycling potential;

External window boards

  • Unique PVC external window boards with outward slope;
  • Aluminum with different profile width;
  • Trouble-free maintenance;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • 100% recycling potential;



PVC profile making the connection between window and wall aesthetic and smooth. This also eliminates the need to cover part of the windows with plaster. Trouble-free installation. The price is comparable to plastering.



Profile Group uses hardware for windows and doors with brands SIEGENIA and ROTO. This guarantees ideal compatibility between the profile and mechanisms. The following items are offered: mechanisms for horizontal and vertical opening, snappers, adjustable hinges and great variety of aesthetic handles.

Гаранция за качество: Всички наши продукти са сертфицирани за качество по DIN ISO 9001. PVC профилите са с 20 години гаранция и се предлагат с копие от сертификата за качество.