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DECEUNINCK Murvinyl and Deeplas

Murvinyl is the name of a group of cladding profiles made of PVC. The profiles can be easily installed due to the cog assembly. They provide all advantages of PVC together with a wide color range.

Deeplas is the name of a group of wall-mounted profiles made of PVC and filled with hard foam. The profiles are easy to install and they are offered in a wide color range. The profiles have appearance of completion and aesthetics.






Twinson is the first material combining PVC and pine wood. Twinson provides the best of wood and at the same time you can take advantage of the unique characteristics of polyvinylchloride. The combination of wood and PVC in one material - Twinson® will change the appearance and atmosphere of your home. The new material is water-proof, firm, flexible and has good appearance. These are some of the material`s advantages.

There exist 2 series - Face (cladding of walls) and Terrace (cladding of floors).

For more information and technical characteristics: www.twinson.net

Гаранция за качество: Всички наши продукти са сертфицирани за качество по DIN ISO 9001. PVC профилите са с 20 години гаранция и се предлагат с копие от сертификата за качество.