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Which are the producers you work with?

In order to provide high quality products, Profile Group uses materials provided by the leading producers of aluminum window frames, PVC profiles, supporting elements and casing, namely... повече

How is the price calculated?

Price is a complex matter and it is determined by the are of windows/doors, the type of profile, the type of double glass panes, mechanisms and additional accessories. There is no such thing... повече

What is included in the price and what kinds of discounts do you offer?

The end consumer price which you will receive at our office will include : Expert consultancy; Precise dimensions measurement on the part of a technical expert;... повече

What is the period of production?

The period for window frames production depends entirely on the volume and complexity of details. Usually, the period is not more than 2 weeks or 10 working days. повече

Do you offer window frames purchase by installments?

Yes, we work with TBI Credit and provide assistance for credit approval. The credit can be repaid for a period between 3 and 24 months. The minimum value is 100 BGN and the maximum value is... повече

Can I contact you after the guarantee period expires?

Yes, we offer complete guarantee and non-guarantee services. повече

What are the guarantees provided?

The profiles are offered with 10 years guarantee period . The double glass panes, casing and assembly have guarantee period of 5 years. At the time of signing a contract customers receive a... повече

What is K-glass?

This is standard float glass with thin metal oxide layer introduced by the pyrolisis method. However, this glass is almost two times greater insulator than ordinary glass. The special... повече

What are the types of opening mechanisms that you offer?

Opening mechanisms are provided by using the following alternatives: Normal opening; Double axis opening - the window can be open along the vertical too. The function of this... повече

Although I changed my window frames I get condensation and also some mould in the room. Why is this happening?

First, you should bear in mind that window frames are only a part of the room’s insulation. It helps with regard to achieving better heat insulation values but window frames are not the... повече

Гаранция за качество: Всички наши продукти са сертфицирани за качество по DIN ISO 9001. PVC профилите са с 20 години гаранция и се предлагат с копие от сертификата за качество.